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Nurtured Nest

Formula 101

Formula 101

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Feeding a baby is a learned skill, and our experts will walk you through it! We’ll address the basics of feeding with formula, how to wean after birth, and how to troubleshoot challenges. 

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This class covers the basics of formula feeding, so you can feed your baby with peace and confidence. We address weaning, choosing a formula that works for your family, preparing bottles safely, initiating paced bottle feeding, and troubleshooting challenges. We also take on some of the cultural complexities you may have to navigate during formula feeding. And we’ll talk through formula feeding gear, so you can choose products that work best for your family.

After this class, you’ll be able to:

  • Wean without pain
  • Identify the different types of formula and choose one that works for your family
  • Initiate bottle feeding after birth
  • Safely and successfully bottle feed your baby, using the paced bottle feeding method
  • Navigate challenges related to formula feeding
  • Prepare and handle formula bottles safely
  • Choose gear that works for your family
  • Implement strategies for grown-up self-care during infant feeding
  • Seek help from trusted sources when needed

Hear from one of our real learners, Cassidy Oeltjen, on why she chose Nurtured Nest and will continue to learn from us throughout parenthood.

Why do you need Nurtured Nest classes?

Love is instinctual, parenting is not. Taking a parenting class is not a reflection on your ability—in fact it’s the opposite. Nurtured Nest opens a collective sum of experience and knowledge to navigate the overwhelm and demand of parenting, allowing you to make the best decisions for your family.

Just like taking golf lessons to strengthen your swing, taking a parenting class is an investment in your personal growth [and your children’s future]. And while we don’t have a crystal ball, we are fairly confident that a good parenting day can feel just like a hole in one.

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