What comes with each class?

Each class has videos, ebook, pdf, and web resources that support the topic at hand. To create this content our team of adult learning experts partners with multiple subject matter experts to ensure we cover all areas of a topic and bring families the full picture. In turn, our families can then make the best decisions for their family.

Nurtured Nest Learners receive extras each month through our blog, our podcast, and email that promise to keep you up to date with everything from safety recalls to the insight on new gear and family tech.

What are your on-demand videos like?

On demand class mean you can watch as much as you want, when you want, and where you want through our online portal or app.

You can also rewatch it—being able to watch information in short chunks, rest, reflect, then return is how adults learn.

Watch below to get a feel for our video content in each class.


Who makes these classes?

Nurtured Nest is firmly rooted in education. And in a world where information overload can sink even the most savvy parents, those education roots are more important than ever.

Nurtured Nest pairs medical professionals and parenting experts with teaching and writing experts, ensuring our classes are not only evidence-based and information-packed, but also succinct, professional, and fun to consume.

Learn all about who we are and the credentials our team holds on our main website.

What if I have questions for the instructor?

Learners use a "discuss" feature within the on-demand class platform to send specific questions to the instructors/educators. They will respond in the class or to the learner's email depending on the nature of the question.

How long do I have access to class?

You can access a class for 365 days from the day you purchase. Need more time? Reach out and we will gladly add you back in.

What if I don't like it?

Let us know! Parenting is too expensive to waste money. Within 30 days of purchase If the class is under 10% viewed, we are happy to send you a refund. Simply send us a message.

Do accept insurance?

At this time we do not accept insurance. Many Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) will allow you to purchase our classes with their funds. Check with your FSA or HSA plan today!

My HSA/FSA card is denied at checkout

We know how frustrating dealing with insurance can be. While we wish we had a blanket answer, we don't because HSA/FSA funds differ by insurance provider.

If your card is being denied at checkout you can check with your HR provider to ensure that class you are trying to purchase is covered under your individual plan. You can also reach out to your insurance company directly to ensure it’s covered and to ask for reimbursement if the card won’t be accepted through our online payment. 

Some class participants have found luck by adding their card to their PayPal account and using it through PayPal at checkout.